About Taipei

Taipei is situated in a basin in northern Taiwan that was inhabited by aboriginal peoples until settlers from China moved into the area about 300 years ago. Eastern Taipei was largely underused fields until the nineteen-seventies, when the city began to develop the area as a financial and commercial district. Here, the modern face of Taipei shines through, with its glass and steel skyscrapers, wide boulevards, and the world’s tallest building, Taipei 101. Taipei also boasts dozens of world-class performance venues, where you can enjoy world-class theater and concert events. The city also offers a wide range of other diversions -- shopping malls, nightclubs, live-music bars, quality hotels, and exotic restaurants.


There are two international airports near Taipei:

Airport Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Taipei Songshan Airport
Introduction The Taipei TTY Airport is the main gateway of Taiwan. It can be accessed via over 190 non-stop and direct flights from 56 major cities throughout the world. Situated in Metropolitan Taipei, the Taipei International Airport is the hub of domestic air transportation. It is easily accessible from the town centers.
Taxi Airport taxis provide transportation services 24 hours a day, year round. Taxi fare is based on the meter , highway tolls not included. It is almost NT$1,000.
Time to Taipei City: 30-40 minutes
Songshan Airport is located in Taipei North District.
Metro Take Taoyuan Airport MRT from MRT Airport Terminal 1/ Airport Terminal 2 Station to MRT Taipei Main Station.
Service Time: from 06:00 to 23:30
Fare: NT$150/one way
Time to Taipei City: Express-39 mins, Commuter-52 mins
For more information please visit: https://www.taoyuan-airport.com/english/taoyuan_metro
Songshan Airport Station is on the MRT Wenhu Line.
Bus There are 8 bus routes to Taipei, Bus 1960 East can go to TICC (Congress venue). Tickets sold at bus counters.
For more information please visit: https://www.taoyuan-airport.com/english/buses
City Bus is served from 06:00 to 22:00.
Link https://www.taoyuan-airport.com/english https://www.tsa.gov.tw/tsa/en/home.aspx

Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS)

The system operates according to a spoke-hub distribution paradigm, with 5 lines running radically outward from central Taipei. The metro system operates from 6 am to midnight daily with extended services during special events. Trains operate at intervals of 1.5 to 15 minutes depending on the line and time of day. A “Single-journey Ticket” costs between NT$20 to NT$65 depends on distance. A NT$150 One-day Pass purchased from a service booth will allow unlimited travel among all MRT lines within one day. Smoking, eating, drinking or gum chewing are strictly prohibited on all MRT trains.

For more information please visit: Metro Taipei


Buses in Taipei are numerous and bus routes are well-planned. Once you get a hang of it, buses are a great way to get around the city. Buses take EasyCard or cash. Prices are calculated by distance. Tickets come in three price levels: One-segment ticket, regular NT$15; Two-segment ticket, regular NT$30; Three-segment, NT$45. Passengers can get on and off a bus from the front or back door. Please check to see if passengers must pay before or after the bus ride.
For more information please visit: Taipei Bus Information


Taipei has a huge fleet of taxis. Charges are NT$70 for the first 1.25km and NT$5 for each additional 200 meters. An additional NT$5 is charged for every 1 minute 20 seconds of waiting, and a NT$20 charge is added to fares between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. Tips are not required.


There is an NT$5 charge for the 30 minutes in Taipei city. For rentals over 30 minutes, charges remain unchanged.
For more information please visit: Youbike

Gourmet Paradise

Taipei is a diner's paradise, a place where the smell of food emanates from every street corner, and the food here is excellent. From international cuisines to local dishes, the menus will have you coming back for more. In the city itself, there are many popular international eateries featuring Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Indian and Western cuisine with good service and moderate prices.

Sightseeing in Taipei

For more attractions in Taipei City, please visit the Tourism Bureau site at: https://www.travel.taipei/en