Presentation Preparation

  • Each session room will be equipped with one laptop (installed with Windows 10, Microsoft Office 2016) and an LCD projector. It is highly encouraged that all speakers use the provided laptop to prevent the connection problems and save the installation time.
  • If you plan to use your own laptop, please come to the session earlier to test the compatibility. Please bring any necessary electrical adaptors and connectors for your laptop. We DO NOT provide any of them.
  • Please use horizontal slides (4:3) and make sure all video clips/fonts are supported. It is recommended to prepare a backup copy in the USB drive for your slides and video clips.
  • Please provide and test your presentation slides at least ONE Hour Before your presentation session at the Preview Room (Room 103, 1F). Preview Room will be in service during the Congress period.

Preview Room Service Hours

Date Service Hours Location
February 6, Thursday 07:30-17:00 Room 103, 1F
February 7, Friday 07:30-17:30
February 8, Saturday 07:30-17:20
February 9, Sunday 07:30-17:00

*Service hours may be subject to change slightly upon final arrangement.

  • The Congress staff will be at each session room to provide any relevant assistance.

Presentation Duration

Kindly ensure your presentation fits within the allotted time:

Category Lecture QA
Keynote 25 5
Lecture 10 2
Panel discussion TBD TBD
Video Section
(with Video or slides with very short video clips)
5 1
Free paper presentation 6 min

Best Oral Awards (Award Prize for the Free paper)

  • A total of 3 best oral will be selected.
  • USD 300 & Certificate

Best Oral Awards will be given on the Gala Dinner. Please note that absence to the Gala Dinner will result in the forfeit of the awards. And the award recipients will be required to present the documents (Passport for overseas and ID card for domestic participants) for receiving the award prize.